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In The Stillness Of Who You Are

Cornelis van Heyningen

In The Stillness Of Who You Are...is a song that has been inspiring and blessing people for years. It is used as a song for worship in churches, in syllabi for teaching budding musicians, and even as theme songs at conferences in South Africa. This album is a response to the need to see this song and its sister theme songs in the homes and hearts of every nation.

About Cornelis van Heyningen:
Pastor Cornelis van Heyningen is the senior pastor of the church: "Our Fathers Home" in Bloemfontein South Africa and the dean and founder of Creare Training Centre, a Christian creative arts school, has been in ministry and a worship leader for over 15 years. In this period he has written numerous songs which have been used in many churches across South Africa. He has also written a musical, and toured with the cast and crew of 30 people, with great success.

Vision for this Project:
The purpose of Pastor Cornelis compositions is to equip the Bride of Christ, not only with the vocabulary of true worshippers, but songs that encourage a worship lifestyle. This album is designed to get these songs off the stage and out of students books into homes, to reach more into the lives of many.

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  • Medley Greatest tresure Jesus my Lord
  • Sing and Rejoice
  • In the Everlasting Light
  • Heart's Desire
  • My father forever
  • Lord here as Your Son
  • Song of love to my Master
  • Jesus oh how I love You
  • I want to Praise You Lord
  • Strong in Your power
  • song in my heart
  • Quietly Trusting
  • You are my God
  • In the Stillness of who You are
  • In Your Presence Awesome Father

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